about epowerhr

epowerhr helps its customers attract, develop and engage talent and organize efficient HR processes.

Like no other, we are convinced of the value of the talent of an individual employee for the organization. This assumes that the employee is carefully selected and is actively supported in his further development. The responsibility of the employer does not end the day the employee joins the organization, on the contrary. Through a robust performance management cycle and a valueable training offer, the employee is monitored and encouraged to continue to develop. An organization is indeed constantly in motion so that the employee will have to keep learning. This is the essence of a modern human resources management and a sustainable employment.

We design our tools to help our customers to implement a strong human resources policy and encourage personal development. Giving employees access to their own data provides a tremendous leverage and guarantees a high engagement!

On the other hand, our tools enable our customers are able to realize substantial efficiency gain in their HR processes. The available resources are increasingly under pressure while the expectations towards HR only increase. The epowerhr tools help you reconcile these two things: empower your people with smart e-hr tools!

epowerhr was founded .

Founder and general manager of epowerhr is Gert Van Meerbergen. Gert is a computer scientist by training and began his career as a freelance IT consultant. For his first client he developed a digital performance management cycle using modern web technology. Based on this initial experience, he decided to build a standard application and commercialize it. ePower was born! The first tool of epower, how could it be otherwise, was the Performance Management tool, to this day is still the best-selling tool. In subsequent years, Gert joined several other tools so that the offer was extended to a broad Talent Management solution. Customers can now digitize various HR processes: performance management, job descriptions, competency management, training and 360 degrees feedback.

At the end of 2013 ePower entered into a strategic partnership with Connexys, leader in the Netherlands in the field of recruitment software. This partnership enables customers to rely on epower for a recruitment solution that can be integrated into its own tools.

In May 2014 the name was changed from epower to epowerhr to point out the field of action of the company.

epowerhr has its offices in Wommelgem, near Antwerp.

get the highest possible return from your organization

  • higher involvement of employees
  • stronger engagement to the organization
  • better insight and monitoring of the development of employees
  • more motivated employees