monitoring performance interviews more efficiently #epowerhrTIPS

As an administrator using epowerhr software, you can currently deduce which employees have had an interview, whether it was a performance or appraisal interview, and for whom the interview report has already been submitted. However, how do you know when the interview has taken place? And how can you notify supervisors who have yet to schedule an interview? Can you monitor the performance reviews more efficiently?

In the latest version of epowerhr hr software, which is in fact now available, supervisors (or employees) are able to register the date of each interview. The date can be entered in a non-binding or, if necessary, even a compulsory way.

monitoring performance interviews more efficiently

Based on standard reporting, you can now easily establish when the next performance or appraisal interview has been scheduled for each employee. You can approach supervisors who have not yet scheduled any interview in a focused fashion. This way you avoid having to address everyone, and certainly those who have already registered the interview.

You can also go a step further in monitoring the performance interviews. Our hr software can automatically send a notification to all supervisors or employees who have not yet submitted their report after the interview has taken place. Or you can also have a reminder sent out a few days before the interview with, for instance, a number of tips on preparing for and designing an interview. You can fully determine the content of an automatic message such as this yourself.

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