detecting the strengths and the potential of your managers – 360 degrees feedback software

Would you like to have the competencies of one of your managers reviewed by their colleagues, subordinates and/or his supervisor? Then our 360 degrees feedback tool might be the answer for you. This tool allows you to create one or more questionnaires yourself and to determine the participants that are expected to give feedback. For every manager you can draw a report with the results when the necessary feedback has been given. Both questionnaires and reports can be customized so that they fit perfectly with your competency management and corporate culture.

Our 360 degrees feedback tool gives you an insight in the strengths, improvements and the potential of your managers and help you lift their performance to a higher level.

  • specific questionnaires
  • assessment with scores
  • open questions
  • link to competencies
  • choose different feedback givers
  • automated e-mails
  • status follow-up
  • create your own report
  • add conclusions to the report
  • fixed or specific deadline
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