stimulate the development of your employees – competence management and job description

A job description, whether or not with a competency profile, is a very well established and widespread HR instrument. It is used for various purposes: wage classification, performance management, career development, 360 ° feedback, etc. However, as a job is subject to constant change, it often happens that several versions begin to circulate, and that it is unclear which version the most is up to date.

A central electronic filing system, accessible to employees, managers and HR can offer a solution. Our tool is accessible to everyone (albeit with personalized access rights), eliminating the need to mail documents and thus reducing the risk of having different versions. The HR team has to maintain just one version and applied modifications are immediately effective for all users. You can choose to open up the full job description catalogue to all employees. The advantage of such a transparency is that people take their careers more in hands and actively look for growth opportunities.

Competencies can be managed in the same way. Just as job descriptions they are subject to change. It is possible to manage different types of competencies: technical competencies, core competencies or soft competencies whether or not linked to the job description.

This tool for competence management and job description management can be perfectly combined with the performance management tool. At the start of the performance management cycle, the result areas for example are automatically taken from the job description and presented in the performance review document. For each of them you can elaborate on improvements to be made. The same is true for the competencies.

  • competence dictionary according to any model
  • result areas
  • competencies with or without behavioral indicators
  • competence levels or a specific scale
  • jobs and job families
  • purpose and dimensions of a job
  • job description catalogue
  • competency evaluation based on levels or score
  • self-assessment
  • weight per result area
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