bring your organizational performance to the next level – performance management

The performance management cycle is the Achilles heel of any modern business. It has repeatedly proved that the performance of the organization hinges on the extent to which employees receive feedback from their managers. This is the only way to make sure that each employee delivers a positive contribution to the organizational goals. And yet many organizations have difficulty organizing this cycle. The performance management cycle is often experienced as very heavy by the managers making interviews with employees repeatedly be postponed or even canceled.

The digitization of this cycle is an obvious solution. An important advantage of a digital performance management cycle is that the administrative burden of the process for both the manager and HR is limited. The tool allows the central HR team to introduce objectives for all employees (or for specific groups), to launch a new cycle, to monitor the degree to which the performance reviews have been planned and completed, to check the quality of the imported targets etc. In short, the burden on the manager is much lower than with a paper process and HR has a permanent and accurate view of the progress of the performance management process.

But more important is the positive impact of a digital process on the engagement of the employee. Because the employee has a permanent access to his performance review document, he is likely to engage much more actively in the performance management process. It is no longer just a task of the manager, the employee sits at the wheel of his own review and of his own career. The employee will also suggest personal development needs more actively and HR can easily monitor these and adjust the training offer if necessary.

Our performance management module brings your HR policy and organizational performance to the next level!

  • personal development plan
  • responsabilities related to the function
  • individual and team objectives
  • company objectives
  • personal scrapbook for comments
  • automatic calculation of total score
  • career expectations
  • strengths and improvements
  • cycle with one or more reviews
  • self-assessment
  • project related reviews
  • notifications and e-mails
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