find the right candidate in today’s networked society – recruitment and selection

The recruitment and selection processes have undergone profound changes. In today’s networked society, employers must search much more actively for the right candidate than they used to. Social media cannot be ignored anymore in the search process, but finding your way in it is not easy!

Resource Manager helps you on your way. Thanks to a very elaborated connectivity posting vacancies in various job boards and social media is a piece of cake. And if you want to search for latent jobseekers yourself, the “Textkernel” search engine will help you to identify a manageable number of candidates and approach them.

If you want to engage the managers actively in the recruitment process, you can use a portal to exchange data with them: the manager is able to submit a vacancy request to HR and, once approved, use the same portal to monitor the progress of the vacancy and see which people apply and where they are in the selection process.

Your HR service providers can also get access to your application and enter information about your candidates directly into the system, thereby reducing unnecessary administrative work.

Resource Manager also offers numerous workflow capabilities. During the implementation, we will discuss with you how many workflows are needed and how many steps they should consist of. In function of these workflows mass actions can be carried out so that each candidate gets an answer and a correct follow-up.

If you are looking for a tool to monitor the performance of freelancers, Resource Manager has the solution. You can even forward vacancies directly to them via the tool so you do not have to rely on intermediaries and thereby avoiding substantial commission costs.

Last but not least, Resource Manager gives you all the necessary management information on current vacancies and the return of the different recruitment channels.

Resource Manager is an extremely powerful and versatile application and simply an indispensable partner for the modern recruiter. Resource Manager was developed by Connexys, Dutch market leader in the field of recruitment software, and built on the platform, Salesforce. epowerhr distributes and implements Resource Manager in Belgium and integrates it with its tools if desired.

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