professionalise your training policy – training management

Inextricably linked to the performance management cycle is the development of employees. Through the performance and appraisal interviews the manager gets a view of the competencies to be developed. It is therefore appropriate to make arrangements about potential development actions during the performance review.

Our training management tool gives you the ability to manage the full range of trainings in one place. Both formal and informal trainings can be managed in the tool. The training catalogue is available for both manager and employee (taking into account their access rights) so that they can see if the catalogue includes a training that suits their needs. The employee can request a training that is submitted for approval to the manager (and other decision makers). He can also make suggestions for a training that is not part of the catalogue.

Once the training completed, the training management tool allows the employee to provide online feedback. This kind of feedback tells HR immediately which trainings deliver the desired return and if the training catalogue has to be adjusted. All training efforts are also automatically included in the social balance report.

In short, our training management tool allows you to evolve into a true learning organization focused on the development of employees. Moreover, it makes the management of the training efforts by HR a lot easier!

  • training catalogue
  • approval flow of your choice
  • online feedback
  • consult training history
  • notifications and e-mails
  • training programs
  • social balance report
  • training sessions and waiting lists
  • request external training
  • register informal trainings
  • ask training advice
  • cancel training requests
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