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This website is the property of and is managed by E POWER BVBA, hereinafter Epowerhr, with its registered office at B-2160 Wommelgem (Belgium), Ternesselei 330, company number 0473.077.710, VAT BE0473.077.710, , Tel. +32 3 293 66 38

Disclaimer and Privacy

Use of the website is subject to the terms and conditions set out below. By making use of this website, you are deemed to have familiarised yourself with these terms and conditions and to accept them without reservation. The terms and conditions may be altered from time to time without prior notification.

Aim of the website

The aim of the website is to provide the visitor with information about the services that Epowerhr offers as an HR software provider. Epowerhr is not aimed at consumers. The provisions of article XII.7, §1, XII.8 and XII.9 do not apply. The website is a signpost when searching for information on HR software, such that we can be contacted for a demo and discussion of the software solutions for your organisation. All the information on this website is of a general nature, unless expressly stated otherwise. The information has not been adapted to personal or specific circumstances, and you may not consider this information to constitute personal, professional or legal advice. You should always contact Epowerhr for this. The website will be updated to the best of our ability and at regular intervals. However, Epowerhr does not provide any guarantees concerning the currency, accuracy, completeness or suitability for a particular purpose of the information, the details or the publications on this website, nor the websites to which they link.

Intellectual property rights

The content of our website is protected by intellectual property rights. You are permitted to consult the content of our website for your own personal use and for your internal business use. Where materials are made available to you as a download or by e-mail, you have the right to download and copy these materials for free for your own personal use or for your internal business use, as well as the right to make these materials freely available to third parties, on the condition that you do not alter these materials. You may be granted specific rights for specific materials. This will be indicated in the material concerned.

Protection of personal data

If you are asked for personal data or you provide personal data, then this personal data will be processed in line with our privacy policy, which you can consult here.


The website makes use of “cookies”, as they are known. These are small information files that are automatically stored on your computer’s hard drive. The information is sent back to Epowerhr upon each visit and allows us to make it quicker, easier and more efficient to access the site. Most Internet browsers offer you the ability to remove cookies from your hard drive or to reject cookies prior to their installation. For more information on deactivating these cookies, you should consult your Internet browser’s instructions.


No party will share any confidential information in its possession with third parties, save for legal exceptions or for information necessary for the proper implementation of the agreement.