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Personnel administration

Our user-friendly software maps out your organisation and its personnel. We will support your business with a uniform HRM system that centralises all the useful data for your individual staff. Digital and safe.

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HR Software - Personeelsadministratie


It is often complex for organisations to manage all employee data in a single central place. Epowerhr provides a smart solution to simplify your HR processes. We will support you in the centralised storage of a wide range of personnel data, including emergency contact details and qualifications achieved.

  • Who’s-who organisation chart
  • All manner of contact details
  • Career information
  • Overview of projects and competences
  • A place for qualifications
  • GDPR compliant
  • Comprehensive search module
  • Export to Excel, PDF, etc.

Job & competence profiler

Epowerhr makes it possible to manage job descriptions from a central place. HR only needs to maintain one version of the job description, which can be consulted by your team at any time. Making job descriptions available can encourage staff to chart their further career within the business.

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HR Software - Job en competence profiler


Are there different versions of job descriptions and competence profiles circulating? Epowerhr ensures that you can smoothly centralise these descriptions from now on, using and consulting them with ease. A good basis for a range of HR processes.

  • Transparent job description
  • Easily adjustable
  • Overview of job descriptions
  • Competence dictionary
  • Technical skills
  • Generic and job-specific competences

Onboarding and Offboarding

Our software provides a structured onboarding and offboarding process. Each stakeholder has visibility into the actions to be carried out. Employees can make a good start in their jobs and departures are efficient.

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Do you have different lists for tracking all the onboarding and offboarding activities? Our software ensures that everything is centralised and actions can be carried out in a timely manner. This way, every employee gets a good start and a flawless end.

  • Actions checklist
  • Overview for manager
  • Overview for employee
  • Dashboard with tasks
  • Onboarding tasks
  • Offboarding tasks

Training management

We bring the full range of training courses together in one central place, freely accessible by your staff and managers. People can sign up for training courses, or propose courses that are not part of the catalogue. That way, HR has a perfect knowledge of who has had what training and who needs it. Our software integrates seamlessly with LTI e-learning platforms.

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HR Software - Opleidingsbeheer


Mapping out and structuring all professional training and personal development courses per member of staff is no easy task for your HR department. Epowerhr supports HR managers with a training management module in line with the needs of your company. That way, you can always maintain an overview and offer the right course at the right time with ease.

  • LTI e-learning integration
  • Training catalogue
  • Link to external offerings
  • Approval workflow
  • Informal training courses
  • Evaluation forms
  • Training budget
  • Mandatory and recurring training courses

Performance management

We develop comprehensive performance management software that displays measurable and up-to-date performance for employees, departments and processes. That way, you can always keep your finger on the pulse, without unnecessary paperwork and with an accurate view of progress.

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HR Software - Performance management


Managers and staff would like nothing more than to achieve organisational goals together and spur teams on to spectacular results. Epowerhr supports medium and large businesses from A to Z in the implementation of a comprehensive and user-friendly performance management system.

  • Core results area
  • Assessing competences
  • Continual feedback
  • Establishing objectives
  • Personal development plan
  • Configuration per target group
  • Personal notes
  • Link to comp & ben

Talent management

Our talent review module visualises potential and performance. Recruiters, HR staff and managers can easily collect information per team member. Thanks to the insight into your personnel files and the development of individual employees, the company will grow too.

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HR Software - Talent management en successieplanning


For HR departments and managers, it is handy to keep track of whose performance is low, average or above average, particularly for succession planning or growth trajectories. The Epowerhr talent review module is a perfect fit for this requirement.

  • Talent pools
  • Simple form to complete
  • N+1, N+2 questioning, etc.
  • Visual display in 9-box
  • Open debate during peer reviews
  • Set-up and follow-up action plan

Expense claims

Epowerhr will guide your HR in saying goodbye to paper expense claims. Our tool centralises expense claims and employees are responsible for digitally uploading these themselves. A tailored approval flow will be implemented, whereby invalid expenses will not be accepted.

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HR Software - onkostennota's


Do your HR staff manually enter your team’s expense claims one by one? This can be done more efficiently. The ‘expense claim’ module helps you reduce your administrative paper mill because employees can add their own proof of expenses, such as parking tickets or mileage reimbursement.

  • Google Maps integration
  • Link to recent training courses
  • Approval flow
  • Rapid payment via accounts

Presences and absences

With our software, your employees can easily request leave, overtime and remote working. Team overviews ensure a sound holiday planning. In the event of illness, they can let people know quickly and the sick note can be uploaded as well.

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Do employees ask you how much leave they have left? Do employees sometimes request too much leave? This can be made easier. Our software helps employees, managers and HR keep a good overview of leave and other absences. Specific presences can also be monitored.

  • Simple request
  • Upload sick note
  • Team overview
  • Insight into days of leave taken
  • Insight into remaining days of leave
  • Holiday counters can be set per person
  • Different types of leave possible
  • Link to hours schedule
  • Approval flow

Corporate benefits

Benefits at Work brings all discounts together on a single online platform. Epowerhr integrates with this discount portal automatically, so you and your staff can quickly consult the new personnel benefits without logging in again. HR will lose no time on the administrative monitoring of corporate benefits.

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HR Software - corporate benefits


Are you already using the Benefits at Work programme? Or are you considering offering the benefits programme to your personnel shortly? Epowerhr automatically integrates the online platform for corporate benefits, with countless promotions, into your existing online HR environment.

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Total solution
  • Smooth integration

Recruitment & selection

We offer a robust tool for your company’s recruit and selection flow. Your paper administration will be reduced to a minimum and you can consult a clear reporting module. This allows your recruitment team to focus on their core tasks.

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HR Software - Werving en selectie


In collaboration with Connexys, Epowerhr offers recruitment software that supports you from start to finish in finding the right match between your job description and a future employee. Our application is a practical and time-saving supplement for your passionate HR staff.

  • Workflows and e-mail templates
  • Semantic search functionality
  • New vacancy approval flow
  • Publication to multiple websites
  • Share vacancy with temp agencies
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • GDPR anonymisation of candidate details
  • Smooth communication with hiring manager and candidates