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Case study: HLB

The helping hand of communicating platforms

Discover the collaboration between HLB, epowerhr and aNewSpring

Training is the thread that runs through HLB, a company active in accountancy, auditing, tax advice and business service provision. Even before the corona crisis broke out, HLB was focusing on e-learning and webinars to avoid unnecessary transport and use staff’s time as efficiently as possible. The content of the learning journeys is shaped on the aNewSpring platform and seamlessly linked to the training administration in epowerhr. Staff are responding positively to the new approach and finding the tools easy to use, with the questions after every e-training session a fun challenge to boot.

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“We can now easily track the budget of each employee and keep a fair distribution of trainings amongst the employees.”

Hanne Van De VeldeHLB

“Our employees were enthousiastic about the new approach around e-learning and webinars.”

Patrick Van ImpeHLB

Case study: AZ Herenals

A solid framework and timesaving for both management and work force

Discover the collaboration between AZ Herentals and epowerhr

From appraisals, to PDAF interviews. From less paper, to more digitalisation. The objectives of AZ Herentals hospital were crystal-clear during our introduction. We implemented a worthy successor to their outdated electronic records and impressive mound of paperwork. Is there a PDAF or follow-up interview scheduled? Our easily accessible cloud application lets managers consult their HR agenda whenever and wherever they like. HR is also just one click away from insights, comparisons and overview reports. Individual employees also quickly discovered the advantages of the tool, these being a central overview that maps out all training courses and appraisals.

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“The biggest advantage of the tool is its easy-of-use. We trained our people but they adopted it very quickly and naturally.”

Wim GysAZ Herentals

“Don't wait until a system comes along that can do everything. Start with separate systems and connect them.”

Wim GysAZ Herentals

Case study: Vito

Transparent and centralised performance management

Discover the collaboration between Vito and epowerhr

The Vito research and advice centre recently switched from grouping staff by qualification to by job classification. In practice, this turned out to be anything but straightforward. There were shortcomings in their various HR technologies and they were no longer a good match. We joined them for a round-table discussion and immersed ourselves in their complex HR processes and wide range of HR questions. We studied the long and ambitious software needs wish list, fine-tuned it and translated this into a simple and flexible tool. The result? Transparent and centralised performance management. The Vito managers can now see team members’ objectives at a glance and check whether these all carry sufficient ‘weight’.

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“You need a partner who can translate the possibilities and constraints of a tool into HR-language.”

Marianne WensVITO

“We successfully managed to translate our wish list into a simple and intuitive HR-tool.”

Steffie CuypersVITO

Case study: H. Essers

Easy-to-use follow-up of external candidates and internal mobility

Discover the collaboration between H. Essers, epowerhr and Connexys

Around 100 vacancies open up at logistical service provider H.Essers every year. In order to give every candidate the attention they deserve, the family business approached epowerhr and Connexys. During a flexible journey of workshops, and in line with the Scrum project method, we looked for an optimum link between HR and recruitment together. Recruitment, selection, follow-up, etc. The result? A user-friendly all-in-one solution that brings together recruitment, HR and mobility seamlessly. The end product is not only aimed at the HR personnel for a smooth application follow-up, but at the current staff too. It keeps them up-to-date with open vacancies and growth opportunities within the group. The result? Better appointments and less turnover.

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“It used to take several weeks for a new vacancy approval and now this is done in days.”

Erwin DaniëlsH. Essers

“Communication with candidates is much more structured and fluid.”

Michaela MartiH. Essers

We have gained their confidence, can we win yours too ?

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