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Corporate benefits

Are you already using the Benefits at Work programme within your organisation? Or are you considering offering the benefits programme to your personnel shortly? Epowerhr automatically integrates the online platform for corporate benefits, with countless promotions, into your existing online HR environment.

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HR Software - corporate benefits

Digital corporate benefits platform

Increase loyalty with exclusive benefits

A desired solution

Are staff always coming along to order cinema tickets or to find out how much their family needs to pay for a subscription to the ZOO? By taking out a company subscription to Benefits at Work for corporate benefits, staff will receive a great supplement to their pay package. Benefits at Work brings all discounts together on a single online platform. Epowerhr integrates with this discount portal automatically, so you and your staff can quickly consult the new personnel benefits via our HR software without logging in again each time. Staff will get direct access to running discount deals and HR will lose no time on administrative follow-up to corporate benefits.

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Total solution
  • Smooth integration
HR Software - corporate benefits


The following advantages distinguish us from the competition.

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)

Epowerhr is committed to ease of use. A link to Benefits at Work does not require a separate login for your staff. They can log in to one central platform instead of opening five separate login pages.

  • Total solution

Epowerhr offers an efficient response to all your issues around HR processes, with a smooth link to the existing modules. A total solution to support your individual employees, managers and HR department. That means your HR team can focus more on what is really important.

  • Smooth integration

Our Epowerhr software solution is not just a smooth fit for other Epowerhr tools – it also smoothly integrates platforms from external suppliers.


  • Beneficial formula

For organisations of up to 500 staff, the Benefits at Work platform is offered completely free. For larger organisations, a limited one-time setup will be provided. This is how Benefits at Work distinguishes itself from the other employee discount players.

  • Stiff discounts

The advantages of the corporate benefits offered by Benefits at Work are stiff discounts that your employees can redeem in countless areas. Your HR portal will offer them direct access to large and small deals at (online) shops from, for example, Apple, Samsung, Kinepolis, Adidas, CenterParcs, etc.

  • Fun meets work

Adding a benefits portal will make your HR software more fun for your staff. Some decent benefits will make a nice change from mandatory affairs such as appraisals and training courses.