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Expense claims

Are you entering expenses claims manually one by one? This can be done a good deal more efficiently. Our supplementary ‘expense claim’ module helps you reduce your administrative paper mill because employees can add their own proof of expenses, such as parking tickets or mileage reimbursement.

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Online expense management

Save time and avoid mistakes with an online expense management system

A super-friendly solution

Prevent your expense claims from piling up and being reimbursed far too late. epowerhr will guide your HR in saying goodbye to paper expense claims. Our handy tool centralises all expense claims and the employees themselves are responsible for digitally uploading their own proof of expenses. Naturally, an appropriate approval procedure will be implemented in consultation with you and in line with your internal operations, whereby invalid expense claims will not be accepted by the platform.

  • Rapid reimbursement
  • Approval by +1
  • Intuitive and visual system
  • Worry-free HR team
  • Smooth integration
HR Software - onkostennota's
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  • Directly in line with accounting and social secretariat

By organising your expenses management online, the reporting and request for reimbursement of expenses can be directly communicated to your accounting package and social secretariat.

  • Link to training courses

The expense claims software offers the option of implementing a direct link with your current training offering. Thanks to this link, expenses will be directly matched to the right training course.

  • Google Maps integration

Transport expenses will be calculated immediately based on the correct kilometres and the mileage compensation applicable to your staff.