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On- & offboarding

Do you want to promote employee integration? Do you want to make the process smoother when employees leave? Epowerhr provides software that makes both your onboarding and offboarding process more efficient. As an HR department, you will maintain a good overview and easily ensure that everyone is informed in a timely manner about the actions to be carried out.

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Optimise onboarding & offboarding

Provide a good welcome and an efficient exit for your employees

A user-friendly solution for optimum onboarding & offboarding

Epowerhr offers a tool that supports you in the administrative processes involved in joining the workforce, changing jobs and leaving the workforce. Our application ensures that everyone involved in the onboarding & offboarding process has a clear overview of what needs to be done. Through timely and transparent communication, each employee will get the welcome they deserve, and when they leave, you can ensure a smooth process. This will help you build a positive image of the organisation.

  • Quick and simple
  • Time-saving
  • Transparent
  • Efficient and affordable
  • Custom-tailored
  • Personal service
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The following advantages distinguish us from the competition.

  • Quick and simple

The digital tool provides you with a complete overview of the tasks to be carried out as part of onboarding & offboarding. Actions are smoothly distributed to those responsible so that everyone is aware of the tasks to be carried out.

  • Efficient and affordable

An HR software application guarantees an efficient workflow, allowing you to focus on your core business. Getting people up and running as soon as possible.

  • Personal service

Do you have any questions about how our HR software works before, during or after the implementation? Epowerhr will support you with personal guidance.


  • Checklist

Tasks appear on the dashboard for everyone who needs to carry out actions as part of onboarding & offboarding. The employee will get a nice overview of the actions that need to be carried out and can tick them off here.

  • Manager overvie

Every manager has an overview of the onboarding & offboarding actions that need to be carried out for their employees. This way, the manager has a clear view of what is already in order or still needs to be done. This provides the manager with the necessary information about the onboarding & offboarding process for their own employees.

  • Employee overview

The employee themselves can also get an overview of the onboarding & offboarding actions that need to be carried out for him/her. This way, the employee gains an insight into their own process.

  • Task management

As an administrator, you can easily set up the tasks to be carried out in our software. You can add both an onboarding and an offboarding action to each task. This way, you can ensure that, for example, equipment handed over when their employment commences is not forgotten when they leave.

  • Employee flow

The application supports both employee inflow, employee advancement and employee outflow.