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Recruitment & selection

Are you looking for talented colleagues who are a great fit for your corporate culture, but lacking the in-house tools you need today to set up a digital selection procedure? Or is your current online search not going very efficiently? Epowerhr presents a practical software application for optimising your recruitment process. As a recruiter or hiring manager, this will save you time for human contact with your candidates. Moreover, our user-friendly solution is constantly evolving, providing optimum support for your HR department.

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HR Software - Werving en selectie

Optimise your sourcing and selection

Search, select and hire engaged workers

A powerful solution for optimal selection

In collaboration with Connexys, Epowerhr offers recruitment software that supports you from start to finish in finding the right match between your job description and a future employee. Our application is a practical and time-saving supplement for your passionate HR staff. The online platform collects all candidate details together in a reliable database. Thanks to its unique functionality, you can easily manage and assess all incoming CVs. We offer a robust tool for your company’s recruitment and selection flow, whereby paper administration is reduced to a minimum and there is a clear reporting module you can consult. This allows your recruitment team to focus on their core tasks.

  • Short recruitment process
  • Quick and simple
  • GDPR-compliant
  • Efficient and affordable
  • Custom-tailored
  • Personal service
HR Software - Werving en selectie
Interesse in betrouwbare wervings- en selectiesoftware? Contacteer onze experts.


The following advantages distinguish us from the competition.

  • Short recruitment process

The online system collects all personal information together in a structured database, screens each CV based on objective criteria, invites suitable candidates for an interview, sends a salary proposal and provides a personal e-mail upon selection or rejection. Recruiters check the whole process, and work more efficiently thanks to an automated approach.

  • GDPR-compliant

Applicants are explicitly asked to give their consent for data processing. That way, you will only be storing correctly-acquired data in your database. With that said, you will make the final decision as to the practical retention period for candidate details and their anonymisation. Our software offers all the tools for temporarily storing data in line with the GDPR requirements.

  • Custom-tailored

In our HR environment, you define all the parameters that are important for your future employee, such as relevant experience, multilingual ability or technical knowledge. Our software has a robust foundation, but the Epowerhr team will be glad to provide extra features that are tailored to your company and its recruitment methodology.

  • Quick and simple

The digital tool offers you a complete overview of your recruitment and selection procedure, while you can call upon a range of practical applications. You can disseminate your vacancy on various job boards and social media at the click of a mouse, review any CV straight away using a handy search function, or consult an overview report of the recruitment and selection process.

  • Efficient and affordable

An HR software application guarantees an efficient workflow, allowing you to focus on your core business. That means the search for suitable candidates will cost less money and energy.

  • Personal service

Do you have any questions about how our HR software works before, during or after the implementation? Epowerhr will support you with personal guidance.


  • E-mail templates

Prepare your (multilingual) e-mail communication in our software with ease. Link the correct text messages to the corresponding application milestones. Our tool will ensure they are sent flawlessly at the times you define. That way, for example, you can inform several candidates that they have not been selected in the same professional manner.

  • Semantic search functionality

With the Textkernel semantic search technology, you can search through all available CVs, covering letters and other information smoothly and comprehensively.

  • Roll-out to temp agencies

Share your vacancies with temp agencies and offer them the ability to upload their candidates easily. You will maintain an overview of the origin of proposed candidates.

  • Talent pools

Make use of talent pools to smoothly find the right candidates in your recruitment reserves for future assignments.

  • Your own workflows

Install workflows tailored to your users and target group. For example, you can activate a recruitment flow tailored to external candidates, internal mobility or students.

  • Publication on your own website or external databases

Add vacancies to your website with an application form in a dynamic manner. And share your available roles with existing vacancy databases as well, including VDAB, Stepstone and Monster.

  • Share CVs and records internally

Our software offers the ability to define custom user rights. That way, you will only have the functionality you need in line with your HR responsibilities. This allows recruiters to share CVs with managers easily. At which point, they can comprehensively review the client records and give feedback on this.

  • Interaction recording

All touch points, communication and interactions with (potential) candidates will be recorded. Data will be neatly centralised, making loss or errors impossible. A good tool for observing the GDPR guidelines.

  • Sophisticated reporting module

Have you found it difficult to get an overview of your recruitment and selection procedure in the past? Thanks to comprehensive reporting and a detailed dashboard, recruitment staff are presented with a total visual picture. You will know where every candidate is located in the funnel at all times.