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Manage your Federal Learning Account with a few clicks

Looking for an easier way to meet the FLA registration requirements? Our HR software can help you!

By having Epowerhr by your side, you can count on an all-in-one solution that streamlines and simplifies the management of the Federal Learning Account (FLA) for you. No further hassles with administration or compliance concerns. They can also be done easily.

The Federal Learning Account is an initiative launched by the Belgian government to support the professional growth of employees. The platform lists the training rights of your employees. As a company, you have a responsibility to accurately register and update these training courses. With the official launch date being 1 April 2024, you have until 1 December 2024 to do so.

Our FLA software takes care of it for you

  • Checks and updates the training rights that Sigedis has calculated for your employees.
  • Records all training courses followed, including their main characteristics and the associated training days or hours.
  • Verifies the data entered by training providers.
  • Keeps track of how many days or hours of the individual training rights have been utilised.
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Epowerhr, your partner

  • We are available for companies that do not have an in-house training system: You save time by integrating both government registrations and annual social balance registrations into one efficient system, instead of double entry on multiple platforms.

  • HR software users can count on us:: Bridging the gap with FLA compatibility, which is often lacking in large, international HR systems. Sharpen your processes with our turnkey solutions, designed to support your IT department.

  • We help small, medium and large enterprises: Even without internal IT capabilities, at Epowerhr we offer a ready-made solution for FLA integration, ideal for popular systems that do not offer an FLA link themselves.

Save valuable time and resources

With our FLA software, you can focus on what is really important: helping your employees grow and moving your company forward. Leave the complexity of FLA management to our software.

Come and talk to us. We would be happy to explore what we could do for you.

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