all your personnel data in one place – personnel administration

You manage a lot of information of your employees. Often, however, these data are in different places and these data are not available to the employee.

Our personnel administration tool offers the possibility to manage all personnel data in one place. Using one or more interfaces, we extract the existing data from your payroll and/or ERP application and allow you to add other data as well like commuting information and emergency contacts. You can upload all kinds of documents and certificates in the personal file of the employee so that you constantly have an up to date online archive. All performance review documents and followed trainings are also tracked so you have a complete record of each employee.

You can choose whether to make the personnel information accessible to the employee. Our observation indicates that giving the employee access to his own personal data creates a bond of trust between the employee and his employer and that it benefits the accuracy of the data.

The personnel administration tool also includes an organizational chart and a “who is who”. You will find a clear organizational structure in the software and the employee will be able to look up some information like telephone number or department about his colleagues.

  • consult information of colleagues
  • organizational chart
  • employee contract data
  • career
  • commuting
  • certificates and degrees
  • family information and emergency contacts
  • attachments
  • compensation and benefits
  • long-term absences
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