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Personnel administration

It is often complex for organisations to manage all employee data in a single central place. An Excel file for emergency contacts, loose certificates in the cupboard or a Word document for home-work traffic. Sound familiar? Then Epowerhr will provide a smart solution to simplify your HR processes. We will support you in centrally storing all personnel data. Moreover, our user-friendly tool is constantly evolving, providing optimum support for your HR department.

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HR Software - Personeelsadministratie

Streamline your personnel data capture

Centralise your personnel data

A strong answer to your fragmented personnel administration

Epowerhr provides simple software for mapping out your organisational structure and presenting this visually. We will provide you with a uniform HRM system that stores useful data on all your staff. Digital and safe. The result is insight and efficiency in your business, its organisation and its individual staff. What kind of up-to-date information will you find on the dashboard?

A who’s-who organisation chart: offering a clear view of current staff, their managers and immediate colleagues.

All manner of contact details: from the employee’s current address to their emergency contacts.

Career information: including former employers and corresponding duties.

Appraisal documents: easily-comparable evaluation sheets in chronological order.

Competence overview: displaying qualifications achieved, languages spoken and technical expertise, among other things.

Room for certificates: our personnel administration tool also provides room for you to scan in and add countless individual certificates. These might be training certificates or doctor’s reports.

  • Digital staff files
  • Time-saving
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Transparent
  • GDPR-compliant
  • Personal service
HR Software - Personeelsadministratie
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The following advantages distinguish us from the competition.

  • Digital staff files

A comprehensive software package where you can store a wide range of personnel information. You can get a complete overview of your organisation at the press of a button. Administrative work and human error are reduced to an absolute minimum.

  • Time-saving

When you choose an efficient operational process, this leaves more time for the essentials, such as consultation with stakeholders, strategic support from management or personal team conversations.

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)

After installation by Epowerhr, staff and managers will automatically have access to the platform. That means no passwords to enter or forget.

  • Transparent

All data is available 24/24 and 7/7, meaning employees can also easily consult and adjust their personnel file in real time. The result? No more unnecessary questions for the personnel service. Making personnel details available transparently also increases the trust between the employee and the employer.

  • GDPR-compliant

You will make the final decision as to the practical retention period for personnel details and their anonymisation. Our software offers all the tools for temporarily storing data in line with the GDPR requirements. Avoiding steep fines or data breaches? Our experts will be happy to advise you on correct data processing and storage.

  • Personal service

Do you have any small or urgent questions about our HR software before, during or after the implementation? Epowerhr will support you with personal guidance.


  • Structured foundation

As a company, it is important to focus on the fundamentals: a uniform list of roles, straightforward departmental structure and clear reporting lines. An overview of your personnel administration is a good basis for all your HR processes and makes you more nimble for the future.

  • Project and role recording

Staff can record which projects they are working on and what role they hold in them. This can be supplemented by competences gained. Our software allows these to be easily converted into a CV. That way, your HR department will have an internal and commercial CV, which is useful when explaining your in-house knowledge and profiles to (current or new) partners.

  • Comprehensive search module

Staff have the ability to fill in their own profile down to the details. That means managers can search through personnel details, projects and competences in great detail. That way, people who fully engage with this as employees can be found for interesting projects more quickly.

  • Export feature

Personnel information can easily be downloaded from the tool. An organisation chart can be exported so that managers can easily explain the departmental and team structures, for example in a PowerPoint presentation in preparation for a team meeting.

  • Career visualisation

Thanks to a visual display, staff can examine their own career from a helicopter view. Managers can also consult individual employees’ career trajectories. This can be useful for both parties: in preparation for a personal development interview, or in order to gain a view of potential evolutions in the future.

  • Personal data

All personal data is stored at the level of every employee. Their current address, family situation, emergency contacts, any medical information, etc. This allows HR to call up the necessary information quickly, easily and flawlessly.