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Job & competence profiler

Is it an old habit in your organisation to draw up job descriptions that later end up somewhere separate in a dusty paper cupboard? Are there various descriptions circulating via e-mail? Epowerhr ensures that you can smoothly centralise these job descriptions from now on, using and consulting them with ease. A good basis for a range of HR processes.

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HR Software - Job en competence profiler

Stimulate and motivate your employees

Clear and centralised function competences

A solid foundation for your functions in motion

Epowerhr makes it possible to manage job descriptions from a central place. Your HR department only needs to maintain one version of the job description, which can be consulted by your staff and managers at any time. Supported by our HR software program, the responsibilities of every individual employee will be clearly and digitally described. Very interesting, as this can help with recruitment and selection to find the right candidates and attract them, for example. Or you can get objective criteria, which are a secure footing during evaluation interviews. Making job descriptions – a selection or all of them – available can encourage your current staff to chart their further career within the business.

  • Transparent access
  • Easily adjustable
  • Smooth integration
  • Personal service
HR Software - job en competence profiler
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The following advantages distinguish us from the competition.

  • Transparent job description

Staff and employers can inspect their personal job description. They can also search for various roles and growth opportunities within the organisation in the same manner. Competence profiles (technical competences, core competences or behavioural competences) can also be shared with staff and managers by your HR experts.

  • Easily adjustable

Job descriptions and competence profiles are subject to a wide range of changes. Different tasks, responsibilities, objectives, etc. Alterations can easily be made via the central digital classification. The administrator can update the online information at any time. If necessary, previous versions of the job or competence description can be recalled.

  • Smooth integration

Epowerhr offers you a flexible total package. This user-friendly HR tool is simple to link to our ‘performance management’ module or to technical, behavioural or core competences.


  • Overview of job descriptions

Our software allows you to share clear and logical job descriptions. This up-to-date view brings together the (reference) jobs in place at the company. Staff, managers and HR can consult both the overarching job family and individual jobs and roles.

  • Accessible jobs descriptions that are easy to find

Whereas previously job descriptions were only to be found in a Word file or a personnel officer’s desk drawer, the job & competence profiler now makes job descriptions available to all staff.

  • Competence assessment using levels or scores

Your organisation might be use a different level of competence management to your competitors. We can guide you through all the competence features that our HR solution offers.

– Generic competences for all staff
– Job-specific competences
– Combination of generic and job-specific competences
– Individual competences.

All the above-mentioned models can be supported. Competence dictionaries and different structures? No problem! People who engage with this will be creating a good basis for later processes. These might be competences in the context of training courses, evaluations or projects.