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Performance management

Managers and staff would like nothing more than to achieve organisational goals together and spur teams on to spectacular results. Because we at epowerhr understand this all too well, we support medium and large businesses from A to Z in the implementation of a comprehensive and user-friendly performance management system. Organising a feedback cycle demands a strategic approach.

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HR Software - Performance management

Towards higher performance

Set, track and evaluate objectifs in a digital way

Steer company objectifs and individual performance

epowerhr is the right-hand man for companies that want to grow. We develop comprehensive HR software that displays measurable and up-to-date performance for employees, departments and processes. Not only can objectives be determined in practice by your own HR team within the tool, but regular reporting between employee and employer also makes it possible to monitor and evaluate this in a targeted manner. That way, you can always keep your finger on the pulse, without unnecessary paperwork and with an accurate view of progress.

  • 360° feedback
  • Development plan
  • Increase retention
  • Intuitive cloud use
  • Custom solution
  • Personal service
HR Software - Performance management
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The following advantages distinguish us from the competition.

  • 360° feedback

It has been proven that an organisation’s performance stands or falls by the extent to which team members get feedback from their managers.With this performance management solution, it is no longer necessary to save up feedback for an annual evaluation interview. This platform is an efficient way for individual employees and their managers to continually provide informal feedback.

  • Development plan

Two-way dialogue between employee and employer makes it possible to determine together where the member of staff presently stands in terms of achieving pre-determined objectives or goals. Need a training course, pat on the back, promotion, salary increase or bonus? Thanks to the overview and mutual feedback that the tool provides, these important milestones will not be missed.

  • Increase retention

Because employees will gain permanent access to their personal appraisal document, they will become actively involved in the appraisal process. The individual member of staff is in the driving seat for their own appraisal and career, along with their manager.A transparent system with clear expectations helps to motivate staff and keep them on board. The person responsible for your HR can easily monitor development requirements through the tool too, and check what development offerings are the best response to this.

  • Intuitive cloud use

No more paper to lose, no more classifying folders or scanning in documents for electronic storage. Wherever you are, the up-to-date corporate objectives and individual performance can be consulted anywhere, any time via a user-friendly online platform.

  • Custom solution

The evaluation cycle can be adjusted to fit your organisation. If you wish to use a range of tools to support and optimise your HR operation, all the separate modules will be technically configured and aligned to one another flawlessly.

  • Personal service

Would you like more information on our working methods? We can schedule a telephone introduction to explain all about the possibilities for getting your performance management system up to cruising speed. epowerhr will support you with personal guidance.


  • Traditional, dynamic or combined evaluation

The platform supports a range of evaluation cycles, including:

-Classical evaluation cycle with objectives, mid-year feedback and evaluation.
-Dynamic evaluation cycle with continual feedback, dynamic conversations and a focus on personal development.

Hybrid evaluation cycle with a fixed cycle and a framework within which personal development can play out without letting go of structure. Dynamically within a clear framework, guaranteeing follow-up to staff.

  • Set-up and follow-up of objectives

You can set multiple objectives within the tool and follow these up, from collective organisational objectives to team objectives or individual targets.

  • Follow-up of flow

HR can schedule appointments or check what conversations have taken place or are scheduled in a few clicks. Do you need automatic reminders? Then epowerhr will set the correct reminder message at the right moment in line with your internal evaluation cycle.

  • Process per target group

If desired, a process can be defined per team within your business. Executives, for example, can have their own flow stored and maintained.

  • An overview through technology

Our performance management module has countless options for optimising and supporting your business performance. However, the display of goals and evolutions is easy to access and consult for every individual employee, HR expert and manager.

  • Compensations & benefits

Link the data from the platform to compensations & benefits and easily report on details such as scores for manager-defined objectives, competences, company values, etc.

  • Schematic reporting

Managers and HR can call up reports in the form of: Gaussian curves, historical figures, visual evolutions of performance evaluation interviews, etc.

  • Hands-on self-evaluation

The platform gives the employee the ability to monitor, compare and optimise their personal evolution. Via online self-evaluation, staff can prepare for performance reviews at their own pace.

  • Discrete preparation

Managers can prepare (interim) conversations in peace, thanks to the platform and its functionality. Staff will not be notified when information is consulted by managers and/or HR.

  • Personal notepad

Team members and leaders can store questions, doubts, tips or comments in a personal online notebook.