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Training management

Specialist training around safety, courses that contribute to the personal development of your staff, professional workshops with consideration for your corporate objectives? Mapping out and structuring all these training courses per member of staff is no easy task for your HR department. Epowerhr supports HR managers with a training management module in line with the needs of your company. That way, you can always maintain an overview and offer the right course at the right time with ease.

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Your training offer at an arm's length

Training management tool with training and encouragements

Training tool with smart integration towards e-learning

Our Epowerhr software brings together the full range of training courses in one central place. There is room for both formal and informal training courses. Viewable by your staff and managers. Employees can sign up for training courses, or propose courses that are not part of the offering. Thanks to the tool, your HR management has a perfect knowledge of who has had what training and who needs it. And that’s not all. Our HR software integrates seamlessly with LTI e-learning platforms, making externally-hosted content and training courses available for all your staff.

  • LTI e-learning integration
  • Offering internal training courses
  • An overview anytime, anywhere
  • No duplication of work
  • Accessible to everyone
  • Tailored HR software
HR Software - opleidingsbeheer
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The following advantages distinguish us from the competition.

  • LTI e-learning integration

Learning Tools Interoperability or LTI is the latest standard and a smart solution for linking e-learning modules to a platform. The Epowerhr tool is equipped for this. From our HR software, your staff can easily click through to the provider’s platform and take a training course that fits in with their current duties, personal interests and corporate goals. The results will be sent through automatically and digitally on completion, so that HR is immediately aware.

  • Offering internal training courses

Do you have your own training material? Necessary information and practical tips for getting started for new colleagues? Epowerhr provides room within the tool to share your own content. Bring your text documents and presentations together on the platform and provide access to new employees. During their probation period, they can consult the info you have provided through the platform. A new version of your new starter guide? Replace the current file and share only the latest version with your staff.

  • An overview anytime, anywhere

An employee, manager or member of HR can see which training courses have been taken and which need to be scheduled at a glance.

  • No duplication of work

Thanks to integration with other e-learning platforms via LTI, you can make the move to up-to-date information considerably smaller and save your HR valuable time.

  • Accessible to everyone

Both managers and staff can consult their personal career development. During appraisals, managers can see which courses have been followed in the past, which are coming up soon and which are the best fit for the employee’s needs and targets at the press of a button.

  • Tailored HR software

Would you like to combine training management with other online HR modules? Epowerhr can configure a total package for your company that fits your business, its internal operations and its staff like a glove.


  • Training catalogue

The training management displays internal and external training courses in an online catalogue overview with a handy search function.

  • Link to external offerings

A semi-automatic link to another training offering is possible, such as the CEVORA catalogue with hundreds of short training courses with a practical focus.

  • Request functionality

Staff can put in a request to take a training course that is not part of the current training catalogue. Team members have the opportunity to justify their choice of a new training course in a comment field. HR manages the requests and will take the final decision as to which training courses are in line with corporate targets and personal objectives.

  • Training matrix

-Set training courses per role or job and gain a view of mandatory and recurring training courses.
-Easily review who is up to date with mandatory training courses and who still needs to take them. The system will keep track of this automatically.
-Set reminders for certificates that are due to expire.
-Offer staff their own freedom to actively sign up for sessions that interest them.
-Share the load, so that everyone at the company is competent in their own job. Foremen and team leaders will gain a view of their team. Those responsible for training will gain a transversal view. Business managers will gain a total picture of the current training status within the organisation.
-Say goodbye to using Excel files for managing training courses for good, and allow your HR experts the space and time for personal follow-up and interaction:
-No more need to worry about audits or inspections because of e.g. a lack of process or structure.
-You will never need to collect papers or obsolete sign-up documents, evaluation forms or training certificates again. Your central service will always be aware.

  • Tailored approval flow

Our software always offers an approval flow. This will be installed such that the approval of requests takes place with particular efficiency, both for HR and for the employee.

  • Evaluation forms

Evaluations can be submitted online using one or more of our three evaluation techniques:
-Needs analysis, whereby the employee indicates in advance what his/her expectations are.
-Hot evaluation, whereby the employee gives their feedback after taking the training course.
-Cold evaluation / effectiveness measurement, whereby the employee is asked several weeks or months later about the practical results: is he/she using the knowledge gained on the shop floor, for example?
The training management software replaces paper evaluation forms. Their online variant gives HR the space to comprehensively analyse the digital feedback on training courses and trace out a corresponding action plan. The tool offers a reporting module that displays the responses neatly. HR can then choose to share the evaluation results with the trainer and/or training organisation concerned.

  • Formal or informal training courses

Formal meetings are not the limit – informal ones such as on-the-job or lunchtime sessions can also be recorded.

  • Budget management

HR can define a budget per team and per individual employee. The software provides an accurate picture of the training budget that has already been used and what is still available. The budgets can also be made available to direct line managers for their inspection.

  • Reporting

Publishing social balance as part of your annual accounts? You can export a report on social balance from the module in 1, 2, 3.